We believe that alongside the super-large law firms that exist in Israel there is also an important place for small boutique offices like ourselves. Corporations, public bodies, business people and private individuals can all obtain legal advice and services from skilled and experienced professionals who are able to provide them with personal service over the years.


We regard ourselves as being akin to the family doctor who can provide his expertise and professionalism alongside a broad view, given his thorough acquaintanceship with the client and his specific needs.


Our firm acted for the group of promoters who established Midroog, the Israeli rating company, in collaboration with Moody's, the international credit rating company and we have been acting for Midroog since its formation.


Our firm also dealt with the legal aspects involved in the establishment of the Ariel Sharon Park, an environmental park built on the former Hiriya waste dump southeast of Tel Aviv. We have long been acting for the charitable foundation that promoted the development of the park, including its architectural design and planning.


We have acted as legal advisers to the Standards Institution of Israel (the SII) for decades. In that context we have been involved in all the changes occurring in standardisation during that time and the extensive activity of the Institution in the Israeli economy and the international arena.


Our firm has accumulated extensive experience in accompanying legislative and regulatory proceedings, working closely with the legal experts of the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Economics and Industry, as well as the Israel Securities Authority's attorneys, and we have accompanied legislation on standardisation and imports and in the field of credit rating at all stages through to completion of the Knesset committee debates.


Our office focuses on a variety of financial areas. We have extensive experience in tender law, administrative law, regulation and civil litigation, including torts, with an emphasis on professional liability.


Every single case with which our firm deals is personally accompanied by one of the partners, backed by the office staff.


The firm's administration is undertaken by Ms Eti Ovadia, who has been managing the firm loyally and diligently for many years.